One on One - Book 6, Volume 19

Family Fun Night (Fx) at Old Bethel Friday, November 7, from 6:00-7:30. Learn how to instill gratitude.

Last Friday we took Janae to a nephrologist. He happens to be the doctor who is the father of a classmate who, back in September, convinced Janae over the phone she better get herself to the ER when her kidney infection was taking over her body. We are very grateful for his insistence because she had already started to turn septic. He had no answer as to why her kidney pain has returned but he can help her discover the composition of her kidney stones to help prevent more in the future. Janae is recovering from her pneumonia and still has discomfort in her kidney region but it has lessened enough to function. Yesterday she passed the Pearson Pedagogy test, one of five required tests for her Indiana State Teacher’s License.

Nancy is heading down to New Albany today to help her daughter, Arisa, start looking at wedding venues. Arisa is looking to get married next October. We are very impressed with her fiancée, Nathan, and consider him a member of the family already. He is very good to her and they seem to truly adore one another.

Our Nominations work is close to wrapping up and good thing, as our Charge Conference is just around the corner on November 18. A few of the new team leaders for 2015 are Cathy Thoman leading the Staff Parish Relations Committee, Paul Zwickl will head Trustees, Troy Guthrie will guide the Connection Team (Intentional Faith), Robert McGillem will coordinate the Memorial Committee, Cheryl Platt and Jean Welborn will join Gene Maley and Greg Sizemore as Lay Leaders, Mike Tucker takes over Extravagant Generosity and Cheryl Platt and Kathy VanWeeldon have agreed to coordinate the work for a new pictorial directory in 2015.

Wednesday I joined the Old Bethel Travelers for a day trip to Dayton, Ohio to see Miracle on 34th Street at the La Comedia Dinner Theatre. Forty-nine people went and special recognition was given to Lynda Preston who has handled the group’s publicity. Brenda Maley does a tremendous job putting together fun events for this group. The next outing is December 1, as they enjoy a tour of Indy’s Downtown and lunch at the Ratskeller.

From Ben Life: Let’s say “Thank You” to FAME, the folks who give us the hand cranked carts and loads of other medical equipment we take to Reynosa each year. Their annual fundraiser, dinner and silent auction is at 5:30 PM Saturday, November 22. Tickets are $30 per person and their last event was a humdinger. Call Ben Life for details at 250-1077 or email at Thank you!

Also, if you shop at Meijer, next Friday and Saturday, November 14 & 15, the Meijer on East Washington Street will offer Double Match Days for our Food Pantry. You can donate any amount you choose at the check out registers. There are SIMPLY GIVE cards on stands near the registers and at our Welcome Center. Take a card to the register and Meijer Corporation will give us 2x the points for redemption on groceries. If you donate $20 on those two days, Old Bethel Pantry will receive $40 worth of groceries.

Sunday, we will step away from Israel’s history timeline to dive into the Psalms. If you are like me, these poetry songs are not easy material to read. I will help you get a better grasp of the role the Psalms can play in our spiritual life. In preparation, read Psalm 104 and be ready to hug a Veteran.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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