One on One, Book 6, Volume 20

Support the Food Pantry with Meijer’s Double Match Days this Friday and Saturday.

Tomorrow, Nancy and I will head to Evansville to attend the wedding of a good friend’s daughter on Saturday. Of course, this gives us an opportunity to see Kelsey, Matt and our grandchild, Coen, so I am rather excited. Many of you have been asking about Saisha and Janae. It sounds like both are progressing and back to fairly normal routines. We have an appointment with an urologist on Wednesday for Janae, but nothing new to report this week.

I received an email from my sister regarding my niece who is stationed in Sierra Leone. Mandy is a First Lieutenant in the Army with a certification in chemical weapons. She has been deployed to help fight the Ebola epidemic. The interesting thing is, she can receive letters but is not allowed to send any correspondence back. When she returns she will not be able to bring ANY personal items, even her clothes will be burned. If you are interested in writing her, please email me and I will provide her address.

Monday night, the Connection Team met and reviewed a long list of people who have been worshipping with us. We review each and try to determine if they have found a place in the life of the church either through a small group or a place of ministry. It is important work and which requires a lot of sensitivity, as each person has a different story. We want to encourage their involvement without becoming pushy. It was great to hear that about half of the 35-40 persons have found a spot to serve or grow. Others are still in process and some just come and go. Cheryl Platt has done a great job developing this team and, next year Troy Guthrie will lead us. If you are interested in the work of this team, please email me and I will share more about what we do.

Tuesday was Clergy Covenant Day at St. Luke’s. This has become an annual event encouraged by our Bishop, Michael Coyner. The purpose is to strengthen our covenant as United Methodist pastors and to feel our responsibility to each other. This has become even more important since the merger of our two conferences into one statewide body. There are now around 1,000 pastors in our conference, so it is not easy feeling this connection. We had a strong worship time and I had a significant conversation with Jamalyn Peigh-Williamson. She is the pastor in charge of mission at St. Luke’s. We are discussing the idea of a partnership to create a ministry at each church which will surround people seeking to move out of poverty with trained middle class allies. We will meet up again when we attend the Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop being held at the Julian Center December 5, from 9:00-4:00 pm. If you are interested in attending with Pastor Matthew and I, please let us know so we can get you the information to registered.

Don’t forget, if you shop at the Meijer store on East Washington Street this Friday and Saturday, November 14 & 15, you can help our Food Pantry. With Meijer’s Double Match Days you can donate any amount you choose at the checkout registers. There are SIMPLY GIVE cards on stands near the registers. Take a card to the register and Meijer Corp. will give us 2x the points for redemption on groceries. If you donate $20 on those two days, Old Bethel Pantry will receive $40 worth of groceries.

This Sunday, we take a good look at the story of Job and discover how this book sought to balance Israel’s theology. I think you will find our worship Sunday will give you a better perspective when tragedy strikes you or someone you love. I believe you will also gain insight on what to say to someone who is in the midst of suffering. In preparation, read Job 1:6-12 & 38:1-7.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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