One on One - Book 6, Volume 26

Christmas Eve Services 6:30 and 9:00 pm!

Monday afternoon I gave Nancy an early Christmas present by taking her to the Old National Centre to see one of her favorite groups Straight No Chaser, a men’s acapella group which began at Indiana University in 1996 and reassembled to produce a video that went viral on Youtube. I have to say it was one of the most entertaining acts I’ve ever seen. It was full of humor and unique harmonization. It was announced at the end of the concert that SNC will replace Jim Nabors for the tradition of performing Back Home Again in Indiana to begin the Indy 500 race.

I am writing this One-on-One in a Louisville hospital, as my son is having shoulder surgery for an injury he is still dealing with from his stint in Afghanistan. The doctor just completed the surgery and told us the damage was not as bad as it appeared on the MRI so he did not have to completely reconstruct the shoulder. He did clean out the socket and, hopefully with some intense physical therapy, Devin will regain full use of his shoulder. It is hard to believe, but all four of my children have been in the hospital this year, if you include Kelsey giving birth. Add in my son-in-law’s back surgery, that makes five.

Grades came in for Saisha and Janae. Saisha got a 4.0 in her grad program, but she qualifies that two of her classes were pass/fail. Janae is upset that she ended up with an A- in one class to finish with a 3.9. Considering all her health issues this semester, I think she should be satisfied with that effort. Personally, I am just ecstatic that I will be making my last college tuition payments this week.

Sunday we took into membership the Schellenberg family, which now makes 28 adults who have become a part of our church family in 2014. We also had a great celebration between services for surpassing our 2015 pledging goal. The $10,000 Match Challenge has been a tremendous success, as we are now over $15,000 in end-of-year gifts and another $2,500 in increased pledges for 2015.

Leanna Zimmerman tells me the first Family Christmas Pageant practice went very well Sunday afternoon with around 24 children involved, enough participation to have a full angelic host and a stable full of animals. They have added some modern twists to the story with some props and costuming that will make the service fun for all. This service will begin at 6:30pm tomorrow and our Traditional Candlelight Service of lessons and carols will be offered at 9:00pm. I will share a wedding photo to tell the story of a miracle that has happened in our family in my meditation Babies Bring Miracles.

Next Sunday I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Matthew in person. He has a strong message planned which will tie in well with last Sunday’s message. His theme is living with the tension between what we feel to be right and real life. He has titled his message, What Is Right and What Is Real? In preparation, read Matthew 5:43-48.

See you Wednesday night AND Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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