One on One - Book 6, Volume 30

Family Ministries’ Roller Skating at Wheels of Wonder this Friday, 5:00-7:00 pm

Saturday we had a great turnout by our Key Leaders. Every ministry team and committee was represented. Pastor Matthew and I shared a vision where every meeting held at Old Bethel involves a time of genuine spiritual connection and a reminder of what purpose that team/committee serves. We provided resources for each to develop their own spiritual life as well as things to share with their team when they meet.

Nancy spent the day in New Albany enjoying a Frozen themed birthday party for our granddaughter Ava who turned six. She was born the day before our anniversary, which I will never forget because that year it was my turn to plan the surprise and I had purchased tickets to see Bill Cosby. We ended up giving them to some friends.

Sunday after church I headed down to Evansville to spend time with Matt, Kelsey and Coen. Matt’s family came over to watch the Colts game. I didn’t expect to win that game but my… I sure hoped for a better showing than we experienced. I like the Colts’ Erik Walden’s quote on the Deflategate Controversy, “It didn’t matter if we were playing with Nerf footballs on Sunday, they straight out whooped us.” Anyway the time with Coen was precious. Now at seven months he is standing almost under his own power and has developed a unique smile that involves his entire face.

Tuesday was exciting as our Hispanic Support Team met with Sergio Reyes and Ann Handschu from the Conference Development staff. We approved a plan that will have Sergio coming to Old Bethel for several weeks meeting/recruiting Hispanics in the community until he has developed a leadership core of ten people. Once he feels they are ready, he will turn this core over to two seminary students (essentially missionaries) he is currently training, who will continue building this team until they see that a congregation is ready to form. The vision is for this ministry to develop alongside our Family Ministry efforts to keep the movement integrated. Sergio’s work is funded by the conference so our only expense in this process is to cover mileage and expenses for the seminary students who will drive down bi-weekly from Fort Wayne. When the congregation is ready to launch, this missionary team will move down, get part-time employment and their remaining salary will come from the grant process we have already started. Sergio is to learn this week if the plan is approved by the Conference Development Team.

Jane Laird has agreed to coordinate our Shut-in Ministries Visitation Team. We currently have around 50 homebound members. If you are interested in taking on a shut-in for a monthly visit or phone call, please contact the church office and we will pass your name along to Jane.

Deborah Hartman has closed the 2014 books and it turns out we DID finish in the black. After paying our conference tithe on late arriving 2014 contributions, we will end up $900 to the good. 2014 End-of-Year statements should be out by next week for those of you ready to file your taxes.

In worship this Sunday, we will cover the first half of the Gospel of John. If you are reading along, you will find this Gospel very different from Matthew, Mark and Luke. I think the best way to understand this Gospel is to realize it is written some 70 years after the crucifixion of Christ. The church has developed a deeper understanding of who Jesus is. This Gospel reflects not just who Jesus was in history, but how he relates to us now as the Risen Lord. In preparation, read John 6:26-35.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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