One on One - Book 6, Volume 31

Souper Bowl Sunday Luncheon this Sunday 10:45-12:30. Help us honor our Food Pantry Servants!

Tomorrow (Friday) I will head up to Muncie to volunteer in Janae’s class at Cowan Elementary. This is her student teaching assignment and her supervising teacher has said that they will let me volunteer as often as I wish. I won’t be able to do this every week like I use to do in Kelsey’s class, but it will still be a lot of fun to see Janae in action. It is such a joy seeing your children be responsible adults. Janae is so gifted with children. She displayed this gift even when she was four years old. I remember seeing her on many occasions, even at that young age, carrying a baby on her hip.

Last Friday I popped into the Family Ministry Skating Party at Wheels of Wonder and counted more than 50 people present. A new feature for me was seeing what they call Skate Mates (like a walker on wheels) that helps you maintain your balance. Young and old were making use of these as they tried to gain confidence. What most excited me was seeing so many of our new families and Weekday School families present. It was a good time to build some community and they raised $300 for this summer’s Youth Mission Trip in the process.

My heart has been very heavy this week. If you were in church Sunday, you were shocked, like me, when we learned, during the worship service, that Jennifer Downing, at 15 years old, had passed in the night. Jennifer was one of our faithful Puppeteers who many of us have watched grow up at Old Bethel. The funeral will be held at Old Bethel at noon this Saturday, January 31. There is still no word from the coroner as to the cause of death, but the best assumption at this time is she passed from a diabetic coma.

I’ve been missing Matthew Phipps this week. He had Sunday off to attend a wedding back east and after a quick trip home, Matthew headed off to Atlanta, as he was one of 65 leaders invited to attend an Orange Strategy Meeting, a great chance to network and gain some new insights. I look forward to hearing his report.

Monday night at the Administrative Council meeting I learned that the UMW gave $11,617 to several missions in 2014. The Summer Fare Committee gave out $4,000 in grants to several ministries with the largest grant given to purchase 100 new chairs for Fellowship Hall. Gene Maley reported that we have 80 more chairs to go to complete the goal. At Staff meeting I learned that the Weekday School Board has decided to move to provide year-round classes and child care for preschool age children. This should be a good move to build enrollment and will certainly be a help to many working families.

In worship this Sunday we will cover the second half of the Gospel of John. I will explain why the Gospel reads in a way I call episodic. I will explain the highlights and meaning found in John, who offers significant details from the last week of Jesus’ life. In preparation, read John 14:15-27.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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