One on One - Book 6, Volume 34

Pray for our mission team in Reynosa, Mexico.

My vacation was a whirlwind that included stops in Chicago, Muncie, Evansville, Nashville and Louisville before rushing home to beat a winter storm that went through southern Indiana and Kentucky. I was able to see all four of my children, my three grandchildren and two of my stepchildren. My only disappointment was not getting to attend church with my daughter Saisha who has finally found a new spiritual home. My consolation was a good one though, as I got to watch IU play its best game of the season against Minnesota with my son Devin in his new apartment. Devin has a new job with Charter Communications in Louisville, providing tech support. I think the job fits his skill-set well and offers many benefits. Devin will also continue his involvement with the Indiana National Guard.

Nancy has enjoyed a few days this week with her son Nathan who is home from China. He was able to take a break from his sound design work at the new Disney Park in Shanghai because it is the Chinese New Year. The new park is now scheduled to open Spring 2016. Nathan is considering applying for a Disney expansion project in Tokyo once his work in Shanghai is complete.

The biggest news of the week at church was our SPRC Interview Team’s decision on Monday night to hire Michael Ervin as our new 11:00 Family Worship Music Director. Michael is a grad student at Butler University working on a Master’s in Choral Direction. He is a gifted vocalist, plays guitar and also piano. He started leading music in churches at age 14. We believe his skills in vocal training can help take our current band up a notch and he seems interested in using his gifts to connect with our community. Michael has a love for both traditional and contemporary music so we will make sure his talents are not just reserved for the 11:00 congregation. Michael will be introduced at both services this Sunday and will lead the band at the 11:00 worship.

At Staff Meeting I was so pleased to hear the expanding plans of our Family Ministry Team. March 1, we will start raising funds to send 12 children and youth to church camp, the Youth will attend the Bishop’s Rally March 14 and Youth Winter Jam at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse March 20. Another Family Ministry Training is scheduled for March 22. The Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction is going to be all-you-can-eat this year on April 26. Of course, the Mission Trip will be June 21-27. In September, they are planning three Parenting events which will focus on topics such as how to handle social media and setting boundaries for your children.

Our Reynosa Mission Team has begun to depart for Mexico. Barry Laird and Ben Life left early Wednesday morning with the church van and trailer. Brian Groves and Jim Scott took Brian’s truck with another load. The rest of the team will be flying out at the end of this week with a full day of work planned for Saturday. The rest of the team includes: Paul Berebitsky, Allison Downing, Mary Fridlund, Randy Fridlund, Chris Galbraith, Keith Hartman, Christa Intriago, Violeta Intriago, Charlie Lepper, Liz Mason, Dave McNaught, Jay Mitchell, Maralee Quinton, and Gerald Schneidt. Ben has promised me a couple of pictures of their work on Saturday for us to show Sunday morning.

Wednesday we launched the season of Lent with the imposition of ashes and healing service. I issued, once again, an invitation to join our Bishop Michael Coyner and me in six weeks of a two meal fast beginning after dinner each Thursday through dinner on Friday. This Sunday we will take a look at the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul’s most theological book. I think I will surprise you when I share a piece of history that should completely change how you look at this book. Romans is a writing which transformed the lives of Martin Luther, John Wesley and countless others. I hope my message will help you to live a life more full of grace. In preparation, read Romans 3:21-31.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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