One on One - Book 6, Volume 35

Continue to pray our mission team in Reynosa, Mexico.

Monday and Tuesday was our Indiana Conference’s Our Life Together, a spiritual renewal event for all United Methodist Clergy in the state. The theme for the event was Awareness, Stillness & Playfulness. I had shared during a recent sermon that I may have done something stupid by signing up for the workshop, Basketball with the Bishop. You see as much as I love basketball, I haven’t really played for any length of time in four years. My biggest fear was making a fool of myself, and even worse to do so in front of the Bishop. Well, I can say I most definitely did. My skills have definitely eroded and tennis just doesn’t keep you in shape for competitive basketball. I played about as well as this year’s IU basketball team plays defense. The good news was that I fit right in and we accomplished the primary goal, which was to have fun and experience the community which takes place when you play a game.

Even more vital was our speaker, Dr. Kirby Byron Jones, who planted a desire to create more stillness in our lives. He really drove home the point when he facetiously changed the famous verse in Psalm 46:10 to say, “Be BUSY and know that I am God.” Dr. Jones did a tremendous job helping us see that stillness is gift to experience God’s many blessings.

My daughter Saisha received some excellent news this week. She is currently working in a school counseling internship to finish her master’s program at Vanderbilt. The counselor who supervises her has been reassigned to another position due to an emergency leave of absence for another staff member. So they have placed Saisha in her position the rest of the semester. This means she will get substitute-pay, be able to put this real work experience on her resume and perhaps be considered for the position next year.

Monday night at Administrative Council we took some time to work on our vision. I’ve felt for some time that our vision was too long. You don’t do what you cannot remember and many experts are telling us our vision should be no more than eight words. So we reflected and discussed our vision and considered some alternatives that we want to put out there for you to comment on. We are not in any hurry because we want to get it right but here are three possible statements we came up with: 1) Offering hope for every hunger in the heart and into the world. 2) Offering hope for every hunger in every heart. 3) Offering hope for EVERY hunger. We hope this vision will help convey the challenge we believe God is giving us to Move Inside Out with our ministries. Please email your thoughts to

Yesterday I got to see one little way we are continuing our Moving Inside Out trend in ministry with what we are calling Cards & Communion. Pastor Bob and our Friday night euchre group are now also meeting once a month at Greenbriar Assisted Living Center (formerly Greentree) and playing cards with residents from 2-4 pm and then sharing communion from 4:00-4:15 pm. If you like playing euchre and enjoy older people, please pop in the fourth Wednesday of each month.

This Sunday we will kick off our Camp Scholarship Fund Raising effort. Leanna Zimmerman and Nathaniel Asperger are doing a tremendous job with our children and youth and believe we have 15 interested in attending camp. Old Bethel has always paid for ½ of the camp registration to make sure it is possible for all our families to participate. We will be sending our students to various United Methodist camps this year. Did you know last year our United Methodist camp system had 2994 campers, 1149 volunteers, 382 first time commitments to Christ, and 258 calls to ministry? Camp is a life changing experience! To send these 15 campers we will need to raise $3,450. Old Bethel, you have never let us down when it comes to our children!

In worship we will take a look at Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth. We will see that church has always been made up of flawed human beings who bring their worldly agendas into this sacred enterprise. The solution is not to give up on the church but to make more room for God. In preparation, read 1 Corinthians 6:1-8.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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