Pastor's Blog One on One - Book 6, Volume 41

Pancake Breakfast this Saturday, April 11 - 7:30-10:00 am!

Today (Friday) Nancy and I will head down to New Albany for her to get her hair done by her daughter Arisa and a chance to play with grandchildren Ava and Dain. In addition I get a little basketball fix in as the Derby Festival Basketball Classic has their Night of the Future Stars held at New Albany High School. This will be a chance to connect with some old friends and what I am most excited about is getting an up close look at Indiana University’s three players coming in next fall as freshmen. It is quite a marquee event as it also includes players who will attend Louisville, Ohio State, UCLA, and Notre Dame. My son Devin is going to attend with me so we will catch some dinner together before. Nancy has to work tomorrow so it is going to be a quick trip and short night.

Monday night the SPRC (Staff Parish Relations Committee) accepted the recommendation of the Trustees Committee to contract with the Anago Cleaning Service to cover our nighttime custodial needs. We have had a lot of turnover in this position lately and believe this approach relieves us of the challenge that comes in supervising a job where the person is operating alone. Now if we have any concerns we can simply call the company and let them fix the issue. We understand this approach will not be without its challenges and so have elected to enter into a 90-day probation period before we agree to an annual contract.

SPRC also approved Nathaniel Asperger be hired at 25 hours per week (up from 15) to cover the responsibilities previously covered by Leanna Zimmerman who is heading off to Asbury Seminary full time. Leanna and her administrative gifts will be missed. It will take a team effort to fill in the gaps left by Leanna’s skills.

This Saturday our Family Ministries Team has chosen the theme of Renew for the Pancake Breakfast from 7:30-10:00. This is a fundraiser for the Youth Mission Trip and Weekday School and will be unique this Saturday in that Tyler Gough from Indy Urban Acres will be around to share some spring planting tips and be available to answer your questions. And remember to keep May 23, 26-28 on your calendar as we have chosen Indy Urban Acres to be our mission site for the UM Mission Indiana Week.

Let me also remind you that in two weeks (April 26) we will be holding Faith Promise Sunday, which is the opportunity to learn of all the missions we support through your special Faith Promise pledges (typically between $30,000-35,000). Ben Life will be speaking this year.

This Sunday, we will start a series titled The Resurrection Factor. We will be taking a look at the post-Resurrection appearances of the Risen Christ and consider how they might deepen our Resurrection faith. In preparation read John 20:11-18.

I can also share some late breaking news that the Indiana Conference Cabinet has made a decision and we will be able to announce Old Bethel’s new pastor a week from Sunday on April 19.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry Rairdon

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