Pastor's Blog: One on One - Book 6, Volume 42

Old Bethel’s new pastor will be announced this Sunday in worship!

The big news this week is that my daughter Janae has accepted a job offer from Glenwood Elementary in the Evansville School Corporation to teach second grade. She feels so blessed to have a job this early in the process, as many schools have not even posted their job openings yet. What is making Janae very proud is that she got this job on her own. Her sister Kelsey encouraged her to apply for a different position at another school in the EVSC district and when she submitted her application and completed a test on classroom management, she scored so high that her application was placed on the top of the stack with the Human Resource office of EVSC. She was invited to come down for an interview and teach a lesson to a second grade class. One student who experienced her lesson actually whispered to her, “I loved your lesson. I hope you get the job.” She was offered the position the next day and she accepted. I told her, while I hate to see her so far away, at least I can visit two children with one drive. They need to get I-69 completed as soon as possible.

Monday night, the Connection Team discussed the Braeburn Gathering launch. Pastor Matthew reported that a survey of topics people in the complex are interested in discussing has been completed. They’ve also expressed an interest in having some form of music for the worship/devotional meal. Cora has been lined up to cater the meal and funding will come from the grant previously provided by Metro Ministries for Project Kids. We plan to launch this experiment on May 13 and hold it most Wednesdays this summer. If this new model works, we will look at bringing it back to The Gathering this fall at Old Bethel and hopefully bring some of these new friendships back with us.

Wednesday I spent all day at a workshop with Jason Moore on worship design. Jason has written nine books on worship design. Jason’s mission is teaching churches how to communicate with a digitally based society. He says creative image based worship can work in either traditional or non-traditional worship. He refused to use the word contemporary to describe worship. If you want to learn more about Jason Moore and his work, go to

Monday night our SPRC Committee did the take-in with our new pastor. Our District Superintendent Bert Kite called me that night and we both agree that the Cabinet hit a home run for Old Bethel. I cannot share the name at this time because the take-out at this pastor’s current church is taking place tonight and the move will not be announced until Sunday in both churches. SPRC Chair Cathy Thoman will share that name with us Sunday. Let me say that your new pastor will be smarter and younger than your current one. The main reason for this pastor desiring a move is to be in a more urban setting that is intentionally meeting the needs of the community. This pastor and I also share a very significant spiritual mentor who transformed our spiritual journey. I think you will be pleased with how well this pastor is aligned with our dreams for Old Bethel.

This Sunday we will continue our series, The Resurrection Factor. We will decide if Thomas really deserves the title of Doubting Thomas and discover that God can be very welcoming to skeptics. In preparation, read John 20:19-29.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry Rairdon

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