Pastor's Blog: One on One - Book 6, Volume 48

We received big news this past week as our daughter Saisha accepted a job offer from Hillwood Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the position she was most hoping for, as the person who inspired her to choose counseling as a career was her high school guidance counselor. Saisha will be one of three school counselors working with around 300 students in grades 10-12. So I can proudly say that all four of my children are now gainfully employed.

If you were watching the Indy 500 on TV Sunday night, you may have seen Nancy in a commercial for Starfish Initiative. Huntington Bank is sponsoring these promo spots. If you see it again, look for Nancy in the background working with students. Sunday I will put Nancy on a flight to Houston, as she will make a quick trip for her step-granddaughter’s high school graduation.

Our Mission Week at Indy Urban Acres has been impacted quite a bit by the weather this week. Saturday around ten persons showed, including Troy and Chrissy Guthries’ small group. Tuesday I had planned to go over in the afternoon after planning a funeral, but was rained out of that effort. My understanding is there will be quite a bit of lettuce to harvest today (Thursday) so come on out if you can.

Wednesday night I led the devotion for the Braeburn Gathering. This group is growing, as we have had 30-40 each of the three weeks so far. Our biggest challenge is corralling the children, as they feel free to come and go as they please. We will have to devise a plan that includes activities especially designed for them.

After watching the unity of our 11:00 worship band erode, I sought the permission of the SPRC to let the worship director go this week. I believe he has the potential to be an excellent music leader someday, but found him unwilling to receive direction to improve his people skills. I felt it was important to make this call before Pastor Jen got here in case this situation did not improve, and thus leaving her with this difficult decision. In the interim, Daniel and Alicia Robertson will fill in while we put together an interview team which will include Pastor Jen.

The Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference will be held today, Friday and Saturday at the Convention Center downtown. All are welcome to the Ordination Service at 7:30 tonight. On Friday I will be speaking twice on behalf of Old Bethel at the Love Your Neighbor workshop guided by Allison Curts, Conference Director of Mission and Advocacy. I’ve been asked to speak for 15 minutes each session on how we have connected with the community we are called to serve. Saturday night, 25 Old Bethel people will be attending the Indians Baseball game for United Methodist Day, which has become a nice tradition to end Annual Conference with.

This Sunday is a fifth Sunday of the month so I will be on sabbatical and Pastor Matthew will bring the message titled Share the Story. Matthew will lift up the importance of articulating our life stories. In preparation, read Acts 3:11-21. We will also be recognizing our graduates from high school, college and even grad school.

I have four more sermons to go at Old Bethel with a two part series coming up June 7 and 14 titled Jesus is the Question. I think you will find these messages challenging, as too often Christians miss the boat when they offer pat answers to life’s most challenging issues.

Have a great Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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