Pastor's Blog: One on One - Book 6, Volume 50

As many of you remember, we had a little excitement a year ago when we had two grandchildren born on the same day in two separate cities. That day was June 14, which also happened to be Arisa’s birthday. So this weekend of the year will probably always be complicated for us. Friday we will first head to Evansville to take in Coen’s 1st birthday on Saturday, return home for Sunday worship and then head down to New Albany for Dain and Arisa’s celebrations. For you geographically challenged people, Evansville is not anywhere close to New Albany, which makes this swing through the southern part of the state rather complex.

Yesterday was a fun day as Brenda Maley and the Old Bethel Travelers invited me as a guest for their trip to the Toyota Plant in Princeton, Indiana and then lunch at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant in Jasper, Indiana. The tour of the plant was very informative and incredibly clean. They boast zero landfill waste and a work environment that stresses safety and reduces boredom. They produce 1600 cars a day and every car is sold when it leaves the factory. We had enough food at the Schnitzelbank that I skipped dinner last night. I enjoyed traveling some familiar roads through French Lick, Paoli and Mitchell on our way back and enjoyed several conversations. Brenda shared that in five years the Old Bethel Travelers have made 28 trips and over 100 different people have participated in this ministry. If you want information on future trips email Brenda at

I’ve spent some time this past week scouting potential homes to rent for our new Hispanic pastor Saul Sauceda and his wife Irma. I think I’ve zeroed in on one good possibility that will serve as a good mission base in an established neighborhood next door to one of our members. A number of Hispanic families already reside in this nice neighborhood. The home is large enough to accommodate home Bible Studies and should meet the personal needs of this empty nest family. We have an appointment to see the inside of the house next Monday as they complete renovations this week. Ann Mead, Pastor Matthew and I are meeting with Steve Clouse, the incoming Director of Congregational Development, at the Conference Office today to bring him up to speed on our grant request and plans for this integrated ministry.

This Sunday, I will again seek to explain the concept of seeing Jesus as the question versus reducing Jesus’ teachings down to simple answers. I hope we can begin to model our Lord, who asked 307 questions in his ministry and only answered, at most, 8 of the 183 questions asked of him. There IS something to be learned here. This week we will take a close look at Jesus’ question, Do you see this woman? In preparation, read Luke 7:36-50.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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