Pastor's Blog: One on One - Book 6, Volume 51

As I shared in last week’s One on One, we had a full weekend with a trip to Evansville, Sunday worship at Old Bethel and then another trip on Sunday to New Albany to celebrate the birthdays of our two grandchildren. The celebrations were wonderful, Coen and Dain did not disappoint, as they were both adorable eating their birthday cupcakes and enjoying their new wagons. I even worked in a game of tennis with Janae’s new “friend” (Graham) Saturday morning.

I have an understanding with my daughters, that whomever they date has to pass a sports test of some kind with me. Graham definitely showed athletic promise and even demonstrated great intelligence by letting me win our first match. I am looking forward to more tennis with Graham as he is a very impressive young man and our tennis games match up well. This weekend I will spend some time helping Janae move into her new apartment in Evansville by picking up the U-Haul and helping her gather her stuff on this end. I guess this will make us officially empty nesters.

At the Finance Committee meeting we learned that, as of the end of May, we are $15,000 in the black. Now don’t get too excited as we have an HVAC repair bill that is coming that will probably be over $10,000, but at least we are in better shape than we were this time last year. We owe much of our current financial condition to the giving that came through the $10,000 Match Challenge at the end of 2014 which produced over $28,000 to meet our 2015 pledge goal. These monies were put into a restricted account and we draw a portion each month from that account to supplement our 2015 offerings. It will take a very creative and spirit-led effort to make the 2016 pledge campaign as successful as this year’s.

I would like you to be sending your prayers toward the north side of Indianapolis today as the Indiana Conference Church Development Committee is voting on our Hispanic Ministry Grant this afternoon. As soon as I get a call from Steve Clouse, the Director of Church Development, I will take the paperwork and application fee to start the process of renting a house for Pastor Saul Sauceda.

I understand we need to celebrate our United Methodist connectional system, as VBS preparations were made easier through networking. Carmel UMC is doing the same VBS curriculum and will finish their program this week so Nancy Bellinger has arranged to borrow all their sets, decorations, etc. Apparently, the volume of props and supplies are so great that we will have to rent a truck to haul them over. Nancy would appreciate any time you have to volunteer on Wednesdays starting at 6:00 pm as they prepare for this very important week in the lives of our children. VBS is July 13-17.

We want to thank Gerald Schneidt, a member of our Trustees Committee, who has lined up someone to take out eight dead trees in the grove behind the church for the wood and the cost of dumping the brush. This is quite a deal! If you have ever had to pay a tree service to take out a large tree then you know how much of a gift this is. Thanks Gerald!

This Sunday we will commission our Youth Mission Team which includes: Nathaniel Aspeger, Melissa Zwickl, Brian Groves, Pastor Matthew Phipps, Jeremy Prevost, Ric Gasaway, Liz Mason, Deborah Hartman, Gerald Schneidt, Allison Zwickl, Ivetth Rangel, Alexi Guzman, Oscar Garcia, Kayleah Allen, Destiny Mason, Saira Ibarra, Hannah Hunt, Berry Winston, Jesus Ibarra

Our message will be offer by Pastor Matthew and me as we describe how we will continue the vision (Offering hope for every hunger in every heart.) in this pastoral change. I will celebrate how God led us to where we are and Matthew will give us a glimpse of what our future will look like. In preparation, read Romans 12:1-18.

See you Sunday,

Rev. Jerry

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