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A conference room at the Marriott East Hotel was filled with songs of praise this week. There was a worship conference going on and some of us crashed the conference for closing worship. The first verse of the first song said this:

O breath of God, come fill this place; revive our hearts to know your grace; and from our slumber make us rise that we may know the risen Christ.

I was struck by the verse. Just that morning, I had driven my son to camp, just as I have all summer long. As I walked him in, it struck me that I had just missed a golden opportunity with him. We were in the car together with no distractions. But the drive had become so routine that we didn’t say much and paid no attention to the scenery along the way. We were going through the motions; we slumbered with our eyes open.

It’s easy to go through the motions, at work, at home, or even in relationships. This can be true in our walk of faith as we worship, serve, study, or pray. It’s easy to go through the motions and never really see the people or happenings around us. But oh, think what we are missing! The song reminds us that we’re missing resurrection. We’re missing the ways the risen Christ is at work. For his work has always been healing what is broken. Raising that which has fallen. Connecting that which is separated. Making that which is impossible, possible. Shining glory on that which had grown dull. Christ is at work all around us and through us.

The scripture is filled with the call to awaken or to arise. And so this week I pray that the breath of God would revive our hearts and make us rise, that we may know the risen Christ. For what Christ is up to, is just too good to miss!

Community Life: What’s Happening at Old Bethel

Pastor Saul and I are in the process of meeting with community leaders and writing grants to support future Hispanic Ministry programming and outreach events.

A few qualified candidates have been selected for initial interviews for the Contemporary Worship Director position. Interviews began this week.

Thirteen Hearts & Stories gatherings will meet over the next few weeks. We will chat about how God is at work in your lives and in the life of this church. This time of listening will help us prepare for the next steps in answering God’s call.


We are preparing to host families experiencing temporary homelessness through our partnership with Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). We have an opportunity to extend the hospitality of Christ. Sign up to help cook, drive, play with children, etc. Contact Marge Ohl at 317-894-0862.

Sign up to help serve at this year’s 30th annual Summer Fare! What an amazing collaborative opportunity to bring community together! Sign up in the lobby before, between and after worship services through mid-August or contact Mike & Janet Tucker at 317-894-3672 or

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