Day by Day with Pastor Jen

The fear is gone! No, I mean that literally. On Sunday August 16, we began a sermon series called Be Brave. We worked through the Caleb story in Numbers 13 and 14 to reveal the basics of how fear and faith work. Biblical strategies of walking through fear were part of the lesson that day. Then you, the worshipping congregation, were invited to write your fears on paper. The fears of this family of faith were collected, like an offering, and placed on the altar under the cross as a visual reminder that Christ is in the midst of our fears. Christ has the power to walk us through them. The goal was to leave those fears on the altar throughout the Be Brave series as a visual assurance of God being present in the fears we’re facing.

But somewhere along the way, those fears actually disappeared. The plates were emptied, and I don’t know how or by whom. They are just gone. At first, I was concerned and, I admit, a little frustrated. What happened? But then the Spirit moved in and nudged me saying “Isn’t this exactly what you’re preaching? Isn’t this what I do?” I’m not kidding when I say I laughed out loud. Yes, this is exactly what Christ does. As the scriptures say, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.” (1 John 4:18a.) We have perfect love in Christ Jesus. Walking in His love, day by day, can actually drive out that fear. Next Sunday, take a look at the altar. It’s empty. The fear is gone. And then smile while going off to Be Brave! All things are possible with Christ Jesus.

Community Life: What’s Happening at Old Bethel?

It’s Summer Fare Week! Please pray as we seek to connect with the community through this awesome 30 year event! Enjoy a variety of great food and FREE family-friendly entertainment.

  • Thursday, 11am-8pm; enjoy the music of Wayne Watson & Bluecake at 7pm.

  • Friday, 11am-9pm; Celebration Puppeteers perform (inside) at 7pm.

  • Saturday, 11am-9pm; the antics of Silly Safari at 1pm, Kids Make Your Own Puppet Workshop at 2:30pm followed by Kids puppet show at 3:30pm. FX-Family Fun Night (inside) at 6pm

The Hispanic Ministry support team is working on a Metro Ministries proposal for grant money to support outreach programming for this ministry.

The Stewardship team meets this week. We are preparing for lunches and dinners where we will discuss the growing ministries of this church. Much of the conversation will be fueled by the data from Hearts & Stories listening campaign. This is an important and exciting discussion. Look for more information.

You’re Invited:

Sundae Sunday: Ice-cream Sundaes will be served in the Summer Fare Tent after all worship services this Sunday, August 30. What a great time to invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to worship!

If you are interested in serving as a tutor/mentor once a week at Pleasant Run Elementary School for the 2015-16 school year, please contact Nancy Bellinger at

Serving Christ Together,

Pastor Jen

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