Day by Day with Pastor Jen

The beginning of a well-known Christmas song asks, “Do you see what I see?” The second verse moves to, “Do you hear what I hear?” Finally, “Do you know what I know?” The questions ask if we notice the light, the song, and the power that has moved in with us. Through Jesus Christ, God has entered our world and is moving among us in beautiful and amazing ways. The question is, are we noticing?

So this week, I ask the same questions…Do you hear and see what I see?

  • The conversations among children and parents as they walk hand-in-hand into Old Bethel for week-day preschool.

  • Church members seeking solutions for The Gathering about how to both honor church member’s relationships AND simultaneously welcome the neighbor and stranger.

  • The Finance Committee discussing how to be both responsible stewards AND faithful to Christ’s call to love and serve our neighbor.

  • A small group carefully listening to each other and holding each other to a joyful and Jesus- following path.

  • Personal phone calls from Family Ministry staff to families of Middle School and High School students in our database with whom we have not yet connected.

  • More than twenty people coming together to pray fervently for a family experiencing incredible challenges.

  • The words, “Our sign-up sheet to help build the Habitat for Humanity build is pretty much full.”

  • Three church members JUST THIS WEEK who were invited to serve God in a particular way and responded, “I’m excited to do this!”, “I would love to share in this!”, and “I’m interested in this ministry.”

This is the song of Christ playing out. This is the sound of Christ in our midst moving hearts toward loving and serving our neighbor. This is the sight of Christ whose body is us, His church. It is a vision of Christ’s light moving further into corners of our hearts, our church, and our neighborhoods. It is Old Bethel faithfully saying, “Here I am Lord.” These are holy and sacred sights and sounds. Do you hear… do you see what I see? God is on the move. Bless you church. Bless you.

Community Life: What’s Happening at Old Bethel

The grant request submitted by Pastors Saul and Jen was approved: Hispanic Ministry programming was awarded a $5000 Hansman Grant Award. This will be used to reach Hispanic/Latino families in the neighborhood!

Pastors Matthew and Jen will be trained in Bridges out of Poverty and Getting Ahead which will allow Old Bethel to provide exploration classes for neighbors in poverty. These classes will help provide support for neighbors as they seek to get on their feet.

We are preparing to discuss stewardship as a faithful practice and a response to God’s love and work in our lives and in this world.


Join in and sing about the joy of Christ’s Birth for our Christmas Cantata. October 3 is the first gathering to prepare. Jump in!

Grow in faith and service by attending The Gathering. Come eat with friends AND neighbors, then join in a class. Crafts, Bible Study, Family Fun and soon to come, English as a Second Language and Getting Ahead!

Serving Christ with you,

Pastor Jen

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