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Scripture is replete with examples and teachings that focus on possessions, wealth, giving, gifts, generosity, offerings, charity, and sacrifice. Christians give because they serve a giving God – the giver of every good gift, the source of life and love.

Jesus’ teachings abound with tales of rich and poor, gererous and shrewd, givers and takers, charitable and selfish, faithful and fearful. He commends the poor widow for putting her two coins in the treasury; giving out of her poverty, she “put in all she had.” The story upsets expectations by pointing to proportion rather than amount as the measure of extravagance.

Jesus’ unexpected love for Zacchaeus so radically changes the tax collector, that he gives his wealth to the poor and to those whom he has wronged. Giving serves justice and is of Christ’s transforming grace. The story of the good Samaritan highlights extraordinary generosity. The Samaritan not only binds up the wounds of the stranger left to die in the road, but he takes the stranger to an inn and commits to help the stranger long-term. The Samaritan’s generosity, like Christ’s compassion, knows no bounds.

And finally, on the cross we see a God who expressed the infinite nature of love’s generosity, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son.”

In these scriptures mentioned above, we see that giving is extravagant, life changing and joyous.

God uses our practice of giving to reconfigure our interior life. People give because generosity helps achieve God’s purposes within themselves. By giving we develop inner qualities of generosity. Generosity is not a spiritural attribute someone acquires apart from the practice of giving. In the practice of generosity, not only do we become more like Christ… not only do we take an ever greater part in God’s life and love... but through giving to the church we insure that others receive that invitation. Generosity is an incredibly spiritual act.

Taken from Robert Schnase’s article, “The Joy of Giving”

Community Life: What’s Happening at Old Bethel

A group is going to Boggstown for dinner and a show on Friday, November 6! It has proven to be incredibly fun! Transportation is provided. The cost is $52 per person and is all inclusive. Make reservations by October 25 by contacting Ben Live at 317-250-1077 or

Ruth Hanlon celebrates her 95th birthday on October 23. We all know Ruth never wants a fuss made over her but she has consented to her daughter’s suggestion of a card shower. So let’s drench Ruth with a down pour of birthday cards and good wishes.

We are collecting new and slightly used coats, hats, and gloves for all ages. Please place items in the specially marked box in lobby no later than November 8. These will be distributed Saturday, November 14, 8am-noon. We also need volunteers to be shopping buddies that day. Contact Nancy Bellinger at 375-0711 or


You are invited to take part in the Stewardship Meals. There will be home-cooked meals and a great time of dreaming. Come and learn more about next year’s ministry! Be part of the discussion. You are invited! Reservations may be made by contacting Janet Tucker at 467-4669 or 894-3672 or

Serving Christ Together,

Pastor Jen

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