Day by Day with Pastor Jen

“Taste and see that the Lord is good…” the writer tells us in Psalm 34. What is he asking? In the same way that we relish and delight ourselves in really good food… in the same way we experience really great cuisine, so we should be in the presence and movement of our God! So this week, I ask you to relish and delight yourselves in Old Bethel’s experience of our God. Look at what God is up to at Old Bethel!

  • Seventeen new members joined the church in the last month; eight of those folks worship in Old Bethel’s Spanish speaking service. In the last seven months, nearly thirty folks have joined the church.

  • The Reynosa Mission team is making a difference in the lives of families by pouring concrete, building walls, doing VBS with children, and so much more!

  • In a period of five weeks, twelve people were baptized in the waters of God’s saving grace as they committed to walk with Christ!

  • Each ministry committee team is developing priorities and an action plan for furthering the work of making disciples of Christ, so as to offer hope for every hunger in every heart. You can hear the prayerful, strategic conversations throughout the halls. Christ’s ministry is going further through Old Bethel!

  • The Getting Ahead class for neighbors experiencing poverty has begun! Together this class will reflect on community resources, study ideas and make plans towards stabilizing life.

  • A new Youth Ministry Council has been formed with adults, youth and staff in order to form ways for youth to get connected with God and community!

  • English as a Second Language continues to be offered. Whereas there was no worship in Spanish at this time last year, this year there are about fifty people worshipping in Spanish each week! We have, and are, meeting with Indiana Congregational Development to refine the grant for the next steps so we can continue to reach people and move towards uniting with neighbors across languages.

  • Each week college students are meeting for College Connection after Sunday church. More than 25 UINDY students have visited for worship in recent months.

  • We have a new intern who is working with Family Ministry! Her name is Bri Markland!

  • Some church leaders have met with a financial consultant to continue long-term planning for the financing of Christ’s growing ministry at Old Bethel.

  • A neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt is being planned for March 19!

  • Well more than 100 people are involved in the Lenten study, What’s So Amazing About Grace.

Plans are coming together for us to walk with Christ toward the cross and into resurrection through Holy Week and Easter Worship.

We are experiencing the moving of God’s Spirit in so many ways. So, taste and see that the Lord is good!

Christ’s Community

During Lent we are engaging in an all-church study of Philip Yancey’s What's So Amazing About Grace. This is not only a sermon series, but also includes short-term discussion groups meeting weekly through March 23 to enjoy great conversation and reflection about grace, justice, and forgiveness. The list of groups, reading schedule and weekly summaries and reflection questions are posted on our website at Click the “Book Study” tab at the top of the home page or the direct link is!book-study/pcwyo.


Gift cards: You are invited to donate Kroger or Walmart gift cards in the amount of $25 (no more, no less) which will serve as participation incentives for our neighbors living in poverty who are engaged in the Getting Ahead classes as they work towards financial stability and getting ahead in a getting by world. You may place the gift cards in the designated drop box in the narthex on Sundays or in Pastor Matthew’s mailbox throughout the week.

Community Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday, March 19 at 10am at Old Bethel UMC. Open to children through 5th Grade. All are welcome! Invite your friends and neighbors to this fun and engaging time of our Warren community coming together. In preparation for Old Bethel’s Easter Egg EGGSTRAVAGANZA, the largest Easter egg hunt in the history of Old Bethel, we are in great need of the following donations: 3 canopy tents, at least 1800 pieces of candy, 150 empty egg cartons, AND 30 VOLUNTEERS for jobs ranging from: sectioning off designated egg hunting areas, egg hiders, egg stuffers, set-up, tear-down, food hosts, face painters, craft helpers, photo station workers. Indicate your interest on today’s Connection Card or contact Mackenzie at

Serving Christ Together,

Pastor Jen

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