An Invitation to Connect

Sisters and Brothers,

I bring you greetings from our only Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

How are you doing right now? I suspect, if you are like most, you’re going stir-crazy, are bored, feeling a bit depressed, worried, anxious, angry, irritated, ready to move on, or blissfully happy while being informed. Well, if you’re any of these (except blissful), you are in good company. Your sisters and brothers are tired of separation, even as we understand it. Let me share with you a promise from God TO YOU: Cast your cares on the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall. Psalm 55:22 (NIV) However, as with every promise there is a premise. In order to allow the Lord to sustain you, you must first cast your cares upon Him. You have to give them up to allow Him to work on them. God will never pry your cares out of your hand. So, get to casting! Jesus Christ WILL sustain you through this strange time.

In the meantime, please JOIN TOGETHER in worship! There will be a great worship experience waiting for you on Sunday morning via our YouTube channel. Just go to our website ( and click on the “Video Worship” tab on the upper left side of our homepage. Thanks to our two techno-wizards, there will be words to the hymns, songs, and prayers this week. Remember, the very same Holy Spirit holds us all together!

Holding us together is going to become even easier and more complete with the addition of several ways to stay engaged with God and each other, via YouTube and Facebook.

Please read this from your Community Life Minister, Arin Schellenberg:

To help us stay connected and engaged, we will be offering different ways to explore our faith together - thanks to the internet. We have put together a schedule so you will know what to look for. Our main source of communication will be through our Facebook page (Old Bethel United Methodist Church), so please check that frequently.

Each Sunday evening we will post a link to a YouTube video called, “Chuck Knows Church”. This is a fun and informative series about the objects, symbols and terms used in church. After you view this, check back in on our Facebook page on Monday for a Facebook Live discussion with me about what we learned.

Tuesday we will email families our Bible Story for our children in Kid's Church and do a recap of the lesson on Facebook.

Wednesday, Pastor Tonya will present a lesson for our preschool on their social media page. She will also do a lesson for our youth group.

Wednesday evenings we will post a link to a Bible Study video, please view this to be prepared for a discussion via Facebook Live on Thursday.

Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions.

  • Sunday Evenings: view “Chuck Knows Church” via YouTube link

  • Mondays: Facebook Live discussion on “Chuck Knows Church”

  • Tuesdays: Bible Story emailed to families and a recap via Facebook Live

  • Wednesdays: Lessons for preschoolers and Youth Group

  • Wednesday Evenings: Posted link to a Bible Study video

  • Thursdays: Facebook Live discussion on the Bible Study video

Many, many thanks to our Virtual Visitation Team which continues to connect with each home to listen, help and pray. God moves mightily through these team members, as well as the many who continue to feed MANY families through the incredible ministry of the Old Bethel & Partners Food Pantry. Many of our ministries have found new ways to do God’s holy work. It is AMAZING to witness!

Friends, your church continues to offer Hope for every hunger in every heart. That Hope has a name, Jesus Christ. Let us know if we can help you.

We are all in this together and we’re here for each other, so GET AND STAY CONNECTED. Share your love in concrete ways with each other, and just watch what God will do!


Pastor Rusty <><

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