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As we return to in-person worship being an option THIS Sunday, July 5th, I indicated this past Sunday that based on the number of reservations, we may move from two services (at 9 & 11) to ONE Worship Service at 10:00am. This email is to confirm that WE WILL HOLD ONLY ONE WORSHIP SERVICE AT 10:00 am, beginning this Sunday.

Again, this is just one option for engaging in Worship. The virtual option will continue! I understand that initially, it will take approximately thirty minutes following the conclusion of live worship for the service to be processed and posted on our YouTube channel. However, don’t “hold my feet to the fire” on that one. I’m not one of the technology ministers. The Worship Service will be available as soon as possible each Sunday.

If you are attending in-person, please read on…

In accordance with recommendations from the CDC and our bishop, the doors will open at 9:40am to reduce traffic flow and gathering. Here are some other things we all dislike doing but are asking everyone to do to keep everyone safe…


1. We are asking every person to wear a mask the entire time in the building. (Note that the singers and speakers will remove their masks while speaking or singing but have been physically placed to allow for that.)

2. Please practice social distancing. You may not be able to sit in your favorite spot because the pews have been sectioned off to maintain safe distances while seated.

3. Reduce or eliminate gathering before or following worship.

4. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. Please use often.

5. Please keep restrooms to a maximum of two persons at a time.

These are just A FEW of things to keep in mind. Please read or re-read “The Plan” for reengaging in-person worship here: https://oldbethel.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0085361e878001354bc614454&id=24b2f30f8a&e=7f92b24168

Remember the pews and all “hand surfaces” will be sanitized prior to your arrival Sunday morning. Please take a moment and thank Steve and Corey if you see them.

Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, it may be uncomfortable. No, none of us like it. However, remember that we love each other beyond words. So let’s keep each other safe so that we can actually relax and WORSHIP our Living Lord together!

Together In Christ,

Pastor Rusty <><


1: NEW BIBLE STUDY starting in August. Nancy Bellinger will lead a study based on the book Quicksource guide to Understanding the Bible by Kendell H. Easley. This is book is out of print, but available for ebooks. We have permission to copy the pages – so each person will be able to follow along as we look at 5 questions (main idea, Christian worldview themes, Jesus’ role, key verses) of each book of the Bible and sum up the biblical story of each book. Beginning August 5th at 6pm, we will meet at the church on Wednesdays in Hall D. Please contact Nancy Bellinger at 317-375-0711 if you have any questions

2. As we will not have bulletins for awhile, the order of worship may be found at https://www.oldbethel.org/worship

3: Message Notes for this Sunday, July 5, may be found at https://www.oldbethel.org/activate-faith

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