Weekly Update: August 7


GREAT NEWS! Through the leading of The Holy Spirit, God’s people FIND A WAY. Summer Fare is not happening in its normal form, but the Summer Fare organizers have made a way for us to enjoy the food while enjoying fellowship! Thank you Summer Fare Folks! (See the updates below for reserving your spot.)

MORE GREAT NEWS! Even without a “big tent,” if the weather cooperates, we are going to WORSHIP OUTDOORS on August 30th at 10am! The gospel music group “Witness” will be with us again, there will be great music, a powerful Message, and GOOD NEWS being shared with everyone who shows up! We’ll be in the south part of the front parking lot over by the trees, with the band near the garage. (So…come early and claim some shade?) We’re asking everyone to bring your lawn chairs, keep the minimum social distance between parties not from the same household, and wear masks while singing. And more good news is that this worship service will still be livestreamed and also archived on our YouTube channel. So, if you are not up for in-person outdoor worship, you still can fully participate and worship with your church family and neighbors.

You’ll see more on this later, but we are marketing this heavily to our neighbors and are still asking for reservations from our church members. This will help us have an idea of what we need to prepare for should we need to move the worship indoors because of weather.

Sisters and brothers, this will be the first major event we are inviting our neighbors to since the coronavirus appeared. We can and will do it safely, but we need to start praying now for each person who God knows will be there.

For “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?

Romans 10:13-14 (NLT2)

So…..let’s tell them!!!

God is still so busy through Old Bethel! Please keep your prayers and time and talents flowing towards God’s Kingdom!


Pastor Rusty <><


  1. Summer Fare as we are used to has been canceled. HOWEVER, the Summer Fare Steering Committee is planning a Summer Fare Celebration for Old Bethel members and attendees. Note, this event is dependent on State and County restrictions and is NOT open to the public. Your free dinner will include a fish sandwich, coleslaw, baked beans, chips, and a cookie. Bring your own soft drinks or water. RESERVATIONS are required by AUGUST 15. You will go through the Drive Thru to pick up your dinner. Then you may tailgate in the parking lot, picnic in the grove or take your dinner home. To make your reservation, contact Janet Tucker at 317-989-4562 or janet@mwtucker.com.

  1. AND EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS! This morning we received news that the National Guard’s service at the Food Pantry has been extended to October 15! We are so grateful for their service which has allowed for the Pantry to remain open all shifts throughout the current pandemic. The Guard really appreciates Old Bethel’s hospitality which we have shown in the form of lunches and snacks. As we continue this hospitality, meal hosts are our most urgent need. According to previous meal hosts, we make it “super easy”. Our church staff places the meal orders and does the shopping. Meal hosts will either pick up food from area restaurants OR help prepare heat-and-serve meals, then serve the National Guard members and clean up after the meal - which is also pretty easy because these soldiers are trained to clean up after themselves. The time commitment is approximately 11am-2pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. Contact Lynda Preston at 317-359-9651 or lpreston@oldbethel.org with any questions and to sign up to host a meal. Also needed are the following specific snack items: Sports Drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc) and individual serving size cookies and trail mix (GFS carries a nice selection). You may deliver your donations to the church Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. If you order online you may have your donation delivered directly to the church. You may also make a monetary donation, designated “Helping the Helpers” for the purchase of snacks and meals.

  1. We continue to collect items for our community partners at Pleasant Run Elementary School. The school is in need of very specific items – pencils, small individual pencil sharpeners, erasers, pencil boxes or bags, kid size scissors, and glue sticks. Through September, we are collecting these items only. There is a tub in the lobby for your donations. You may contact Nancy Bellinger at 317-375-0711 or nancybellinger@att.net with any questions.

  1. MESSAGE NOTES for August 9: Life of Faith: Relationships on Purpose

“If I could speak in any language in heaven or on earth but didn't love others, I would only be making meaningless noise like a loud gong or a clanging cymbal.” 1 Corinthians 13:1 (NLT)

Three simple principles Jesus teaches me about relationships so my life will count:

Principle 1: Pay the ________ to __________ others.

“Which commandment is the most important of them all?" Jesus answered, “The most important is [to] love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second most important commandment is this: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Mark 12:28~31a (GW)

The Frustration Gap is the gap between what I __________ ____ _____ and what I _________ _____.

We can especially experience this in our relationship with ________.

KEY: God is not a _______ on my love. He's really the ___________ of my love.

Principle 2: Seek the ____________ to love __________.

“I am giving a new commandment to you now--love each other just as much as I love you.” John 13:34 (Living)

“What’s new about that? It is the _____________ of love.

“Love your enemies! Do good to them! Lend to them! And don't be concerned that they might not repay. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for He is kind to the unthankful and to those who are wicked.” Luke 6:35 (NLT)

I’ll need at least four things for that kind of love to happen:

First, I need a better ______________.

Second, I need a stronger ________________.

Third, I need a higher _____________.

Fourth, I need a greater ____________.

Principle 3: Watch the _______ I _________ others.

“Do for others as you would like them to do for you.” Luke 6:31 (NLT)

(This is where genuine love translates into _________________ _________ _________.)

If my talk doesn't change the way I treat others it's _____________ ________________.

Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 (Living)

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