Good News & Updates: January 13, 2022

1. Please help Old Bethel be good stewards of our resources by picking up your 2021 year-end giving statements at the Welcome Center Sunday during worship or next week during regular business hours.

2. We have made the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming Family Game Night, scheduled for January 22. We are not comfortable hosting an indoor event for families with the recent surge in COVID. This virus might not lead to serious illness in vaccinated people, however it causes so much disruption to families because of time away from school and work and our hope is to keep our community safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Safety Alert: The preschool uses the back entrance of the church by the playground and does a car line for pick up and drop off. Drop off and pick up times are 8:55am, Noon, and 3pm. If you see the cars lined up at any of these times do not go around them. The preschoolers will be getting in and out of their stopped vehicles. Our number one priority is the safety of not just our preschoolers, but their parents as well. The back parking lot is not very big as it is and squeezing cars going both ways during drop off and pick up times is unsafe. If you are in the back parking lot at drop off or pick up times, wait until the car line is done to move your vehicle and make sure to exit going towards 21st street.

4. The Old Bethel Youth Group invites the entire congregation to a Masquerade Ball on Saturday, February 5, from 1-5pm. This ball is open to the whole church, both young and old! The Youth Group is hosting this event to thank the congregation for their faithful support. So come on over for an afternoon you don't want to miss. You may contact Pastor Tonya Davis at with any questions.

5. Shared Tables will kick things off February 16, from 6-7pm! The ministry is still in need of people to donate meals. If you are interested please you may contact Pastor Tonya at

6. The Old Bethel Youth Group is planning their annual Youth Mission Trip. This year we are returning to White Oak, Tennessee. If your student is interested in attending or if you are an adult and have the skills of a handy man and would like to know how you can help, please contact Pastor Tonya at

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