Good News & Updates: January 6, 2022

1. Safety Alert: The preschool uses the back entrance of the church by the playground and does a car line for pick up and drop off. Drop off and pick up times are 8:55am, Noon, and 3pm. If you see the cars lined up at any of these times do not go around them. The preschoolers will be getting in and out of their stopped vehicles. Our number one priority is the safety of not just our preschoolers, but their parents as well. The back parking lot is not very big as it is and squeezing cars going both ways during drop off and pick up times is unsafe. If you are in the back parking lot at drop off or pick up times, wait until the car line is done to move your vehicle and make sure to exit going towards 21st street.

2. The Old Bethel Staff Parish Relations Committee invites you to a welcome reception for Rev. Adriane Rockhill on Sunday, January 9, immediately following the traditional worship service in the Fellowship Hall. No welcome to Old Bethel would be complete without cake, so make sure to mark your calendars for this date to stick around and greet our new Lead Pastor.

3. All are invited to Family Game Night Saturday, January 22, from 5-7pm. We will have plenty of fun board games and card games for all ages. Our bounce house will be ready for jumping! FREE dinner for all. Please mark your calendar and join in the fun! See your connection card for ways to volunteer for this event or contact Community Life Minister Arin Schellenberg at with any questions.

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